How to Stack Rings Like a Pro!!

Stacking rings stylishly isn’t exactly an easy task. On the one hand, you want to make sure you choose a combination of rings that look complement each other when arranged together. On the other hand, you need to ensure you don’t stack rings in such a way that you can’t even type. After all, you still need to use your fingers for many daily tasks.

These tips will help you strike that delicate balance. If you want to stack rings like a pro, keep them in mind.

Try Different Fingers

You don’t want to squeeze delicate metal jewelry in an attempt to get a ring to fit a particular finger. This could damage it. Instead, try rings on different fingers until you find the ideal fit, or have a ring resized if it doesn’t fit any of your fingers well.

Keep in mind that you may want to wear two of the same rings on two fingers when stacking them. For example, wearing the same ring on your index and middle finger can result in an on-trend look. If you choose to stack rings this way, know that your ring will simply fit one finger better than the other.

Alternate Styles

You don’t want to wear the same style of ring across all your fingers. This can look contrived. It’s better to alternate styles. For instance, if you have both chunky and delicate rings, alternate them, wearing a delicate ring on one ringer, a chunky ring on the finger next to it, and so on.

Experiment with different styles to find combinations that yield the desired effect. If you’re short on ring choices, look into an accessory subscription box. This could provide multiple distinct options for pairing.

Wear Rings on Smaller Fingers

Sometimes it may be a good idea to try wearing rings on smaller fingers. Yes, they will fit more loosely on them, but this allows you to stack rings and combine styles. You could also stack rings with the same color band together to make it look as though you’re wearing a single piece instead of separate rings.

Again, if you’re trying to achieve a fashion-forward effect, a summer subscription box gives you multiple outfits to match with your metal accessories. When putting the finishing touches on your accessories, be sure to combine different colors and textures when choosing rings.

Most importantly, feel free to experiment. Allowing yourself the freedom to pursue your creativity is key to learning how to stack rings in a way that shows off your personal style. These tips will simply help you get started. The more you experiment, the more you’ll learn how to stack rings like a pro.

Sunny Akhigbe