Tim Rice

Today is all about a blessing in my life.

I don't talk about him often but I carry him with me everyday.

His name is Timothy Rice

He is my mentor, my advisor and my best friend. He has instilled valuable life lessons to me, and has given me the ability to think outside of the box on my creativity.

He is analytic and pushes me to strategize to find the answer. He always tells me that I am like a sponge,  and that I absorb everything that crosses my path.he believes in me..and my Dream!

He supported our trip to Nigeria I'm 2017 by generously sponsoring way more than I imagined possible and gave  of his time and kindness unconditionally . Www.aboyandhisdream.org

There is no monetary value placed on our friendship  He is the closest male figure I have had in My life and who steers my path at every turn..

I love you my brother and words can not express what values and meaning you bring to my life on a daily basis.

Even though our logistics keep us from seeing each other everyday, please know that I carry your many hours of mentoring and friendship with me daily.

Much love


Sunny Akhigbe
Life is beautiful!

Life is complicated. You observe everyday life through observation, attitude,responses and commonality of others.

You have to know what is real and how to separate those with agendas.  In life you see the glass 1/2 full in all that you do and when others negative behaviors get in your way, you need to know when to walk away or know that you don't walk in their shoes so the negativity may be a way they are calling out for help.

Life is complicated so live each day making choices you know will bring the best out in all the lives that you touch and always be the best you can be..


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Be brave enough to stay positive  

Sunny Akhigbe

The weather is a draw back at times . It sets the mood for the day.  We must on these days, motivate ourself.

I have laid here and hit the snooze button 5 times, knowing that I have everything to be grateful for. My health, a job, transportation, a home.  And yet the simplest of things can try and hold us back, like the weather.

-What is this called ? Selfishness, greed, lack of what???  WHAT IS IT??.

I know I am not the only one who does this.. and then I hear this voice ... in my case it's the Sunny Biggy voice , that calls and says get up, wake up, be grateful ... and get it done..

Some won't have that motivating force each day...

But really it's very simple .. before your feet hit the floor , thank God for the many blessing you do have and always move forward...


-Diana Bridges  

Sunny Akhigbe