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Who's responsibility is it to educate our youth?

It is our responsibility to educate our youth. In the past year I've visited 14 schools across the States. 2 Boys and Girls Clubs, 2 Juvenile Detention Services, and to what end?

The goal is to support students and encourage them to better themselves with quality education.

I believe if this is done it will help strengthen our youth and increase their value system. The goal is to build a stronger community by way of positive reinforcement.


• Positive reinforcement through learning self worth 

•Teaching happiness through love and compassion

• Encouraging the value of education + their available resources

• Teaching how to deal with adversity and opposition

In summary : Adversity and challenges actually CAN make you great, its all in your outlook. Choose to live at this level daily.



Your Potential
Manager / Advisor : Diana Bridges  - Photo credit : Christina Noel

Manager / Advisor : Diana Bridges  - Photo credit : Christina Noel

There is no specific way to establish your potential. Everything that works is trail and error. You only need to begin.

 The key component is to be willing to try EVERYTHING. Keep producing relentlessly. Reason being, one single product may not take you to where you need to be. Be willing to try something new. What takes you to the top could be a surprise to even you! Go for it! / A Boy and His Dream

- Keep on Grinding