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Power of Giving 


Sunny Akhigbe and Sunny Biggy Fitness believe strongly in giving back to the community and in supporting children to be empowered, happy, healthy, and successful.

One Child at a Time...

Deangelo is the first recipient for A Boy and His Dream Foundation ‘One Child at a Time’ program through Sunny Biggy Fitness.

We have partnered with mentors and other trainers, to provide Deangello with the full support, meal donations, and supplies needed for his transformation to a healthy happy lifestyle.

Special thanks to fitness trainers Jakub F Szylak, Javier Gutierrez, Yaa Boakye, and to the meal donations by Graco Funes, Rameen Qater, Elizabeth Lila Royal, Angela Ross, Ehi Fred Oyabure, Abyoler Ishowo, and Joanne Bowie.

Together, we're making positive changes!

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