How to Stack Rings Like a Pro!!

Stacking rings stylishly isn’t exactly an easy task. On the one hand, you want to make sure you choose a combination of rings that look complement each other when arranged together. On the other hand, you need to ensure you don’t stack rings in such a way that you can’t even type. After all, you still need to use your fingers for many daily tasks.

These tips will help you strike that delicate balance. If you want to stack rings like a pro, keep them in mind.

Try Different Fingers

You don’t want to squeeze delicate metal jewelry in an attempt to get a ring to fit a particular finger. This could damage it. Instead, try rings on different fingers until you find the ideal fit, or have a ring resized if it doesn’t fit any of your fingers well.

Keep in mind that you may want to wear two of the same rings on two fingers when stacking them. For example, wearing the same ring on your index and middle finger can result in an on-trend look. If you choose to stack rings this way, know that your ring will simply fit one finger better than the other.

Alternate Styles

You don’t want to wear the same style of ring across all your fingers. This can look contrived. It’s better to alternate styles. For instance, if you have both chunky and delicate rings, alternate them, wearing a delicate ring on one ringer, a chunky ring on the finger next to it, and so on.

Experiment with different styles to find combinations that yield the desired effect. If you’re short on ring choices, look into an accessory subscription box. This could provide multiple distinct options for pairing.

Wear Rings on Smaller Fingers

Sometimes it may be a good idea to try wearing rings on smaller fingers. Yes, they will fit more loosely on them, but this allows you to stack rings and combine styles. You could also stack rings with the same color band together to make it look as though you’re wearing a single piece instead of separate rings.

Again, if you’re trying to achieve a fashion-forward effect, a summer subscription box gives you multiple outfits to match with your metal accessories. When putting the finishing touches on your accessories, be sure to combine different colors and textures when choosing rings.

Most importantly, feel free to experiment. Allowing yourself the freedom to pursue your creativity is key to learning how to stack rings in a way that shows off your personal style. These tips will simply help you get started. The more you experiment, the more you’ll learn how to stack rings like a pro.

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10 expert secretes to crush it in 2019!!

10 expert secrets to crush it in 2019

I do not know about you, but over the last weeks I reflected a lot on the questions, “What can I do to crush it in 2019? What should I work on to make my business even more successful in 2019? I want some game-changing expert secrets!”

Reading through long studies and trend reports can be very time-consuming and boring. The conversations I had with my mentors were good but… the best approach would be to simply ask those, who inspired me the most with their unconventional ideas and best practices this year.

That is what this article is about: I have interviewed some of the top minds in the areas of media, search engine optimization, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, sales, design, fitness, digital innovation and power coaching who will share their top advice for 2019 with you and touch upon exciting trends, we should keep an eye on.

1. Apply the 5/95 Rule

Spend 5% of your time planning and 95% of your time doing.” says Evan Carmichael. Evan is an entrepreneur, speaker, angel investor – just to name a few of the hats he wears. As one of the world’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talents, he runs the biggest Youtube Channel for entrepreneurs with 1M+ subscribers.

Evan continues: “Smart people lose because they wait until it's the perfect time and they have the perfect plan. Learn to release imperfect things. Also learn to go from idea to action as quickly as possible. Learn to apply the 5/95 Rule.”

2. Prepare for Generation Z

Another great advice comes from Raoul Plickat, who directs marketing campaigns behind large personal and eCommerce brands. The fellowship member of billionaire investor Peter Thiel is one of the most effective and awarded digital marketing strategists worldwide. His recommendation for 2019 is:

In 2019 the first big wave of Generation Z will start into work life. Moreover, it's only one year left until they will become the largest group of consumers worldwide with a 40% share. Last year we saw a trend of an increase in purchases from Instagram. Consider that you have maximum four seconds to catch their attention online. However, make it appealing, they value aesthetics more than previous Generations. So, invest in high-quality products.”

3. Learn to respond, not to react

This powerful advice comes from Oleg Vishnepolsky: An Internet industry veteran who has been in executive positions in companies like AOL, Google's DoubleClick and WPP. He is currently the global CTO of Daily MailOnline. Oleg explains:

Our brains are wired to react. Psychologists make the distinction between the fast brain path vs the slow one. The fast one is a reflex. The slow one uses logic, analytical thinking, compassion, empathy. The slow path lets us imagine ourselves in the other person's shoes. It takes a conscious effort to suppress the fast path reaction but sometimes you need to go slower to get farther in life.”

4. Optimize for voice search

Neil Patel thinks that “Optimizing for voice search is something people take for granted, but the majority of searches now take place on mobile devices.” Neil is the Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, a leading marketing agency. He also blogs at The SEO guru explains:

“…And when people search using mobile devices, a large portion is now happening through voice. According to ComScore, 50% of searches will happen through voice by 2020. So, if you want to get ahead of your competition focus on optimizing for voice search.”

5. Design a winner’s environment

Your success is a product of your environment and your performance.” Ben Ouattara. Ben knows what he talks about: As a Dubaian personal power coach he inspires people to unleash their full potential through Workshops, Videos, Poetry and Music in an edutainment style. His motto is IAMPOSSIBLE.

Ben wants us be aware of the following:“…But how do you perform if your environment works against you? Your environment consists of people, places, tools, structures, routines, systems, your body and thoughts. So, design a supportive environment. Everything becomes easier and you will achieve much more with the same potential.”

6. Built a (proper) team

Another hot tip comes from Dirk Kreuter: “People who want to become successful and just started their journey often make a mistake, which I did as well: They wait too long until they get support.” Dirk is an author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Every year he inspires more than 10.000 participants at his events. His vision is to make 1 Million people better salesmen until 2020.

Dirk also explains why me make this mistake: “Fresh entrepreneurs often think that they can get things done on their own. If I had built a team faster, I would be much farther than I am today.

7. Invest in a healthy soul and body

Andreas Trienbacher believes that one of our core challenges is and will be investing in our healthy future and finding a balance between physical and mental pressure. Andreas helps people to invest in their healthy future since more than 30 years. His motto is: Your fitness is my duty, when it comes to sport and nutrition.

His top advice for 2019 is:“Intensive sport three times per week for 60 minutes, a mix between strength, endurance and mobility training. A power nap pf 10-20 minutes every day. Three meals per day every 4-5 hours. Consistent 2-3 minutes of mindfulness training, ideally breathing exercises.”

8. Be top of mind and be everywhere

A lot of people think that they have “made it” because they are featured once in a big publication.”Brian Wallace remarks. Brian is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, one of the world's top infographic design agencies. He has been named a Google Small Business Advisor 2016-2018 and was an early part of the #LinkedInLocal movement. Brian continues:

“…That’s not how being top of mind for your services works - you need to consistently make this happen and by simultaneously building your brand, personal brand and showing that your products and services are making a difference out there, you’ll attract the media.“

9. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Collaboration is key”, says Anthony J James. Anthony is a proven innovation and creative digital business executive, with a strong focus on idea generation, commercialisation and growth. His experience in the digital innovation field spans over a quarter of a century.

Anthony wants us to understand the following: “Learning to collaborate is not just competitively advantageous in a digital transformation economy, but it is a means of rediscovering our natural, creative and decidedly social selves.”

10. Be kinder and rise by lifting others

Omar Al Busaidy, abest-selling author, Fulbright nominee, former Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum entrepreneur and a member of the US and UAE Public Affairs Committee, believes that “the world needs more good deeds”. He continues:

How you let people feel is more important than anything else that may seem appealing. You have only one life to live on this world and it’s the only legacy you will leave behind that will be spoken about and probably written about. Surround yourself with a circle of support and like-minded people. If you have a goal and want to achieve it, you're going to need a team, because we rise by lifting others.”

Last thoughts

Did I promise too much? I think that these are brilliant expert secrets and strategies we should work on if we want to continue staying on top of our games in the next year.

A big thank you to the above-mentioned experts. Thanks for your time and the recommendations. And to you, the reader, all the best for you and your business in 2019; and good luck with the implementation of these advices. Remember:

Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.”- Napoleon Hill

Which of these tips will you apply first? What are further strategies, which you will implement into your life/business to crush it in 2019?

Share this article with a friend or college who needs to be aware of these expert secrets!

Written by: Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

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Struggling With Depression?

 - Tip for staying motivated when you’re also struggling with depression

Focus on activities you enjoy. Any activity that gets you moving counts.

That could include

1. Throwing a Frisbee with a dog or friend.

2. Walking laps of a mall window shopping

3. Cycling to the grocery store.

If you’ve never exercised before or don’t know what you might enjoy, try a few different things. Activities such as gardening or tackling a home improvement project can be great ways to start moving more when you have a mood disorder—as well as helping you become more active, they can also leave you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


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 Your happiness counts 

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