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Healthy Eating Habits to lower your Cholesterol + burn fat

A healthy lifestyle we should all embrace. Key word ... SHOULD.

Simple steps you can follow today to a better lifestyle. 


1. Plan your meals.

Eat your vegetables, also foods high in fiber, low in carb and high in protein.

2. Eat often. 

A simple small portion every two hours will keep your metabolism burning. (Do not be fooled. You MUST eat to loose weight! Starving your body will have an opposite effect over time.) 

3. Workout daily.

You don't need a gym membership. Simple calisthenics are enough! Jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups, running/fast walking will do the trick! 

Be consistent with these three and you WILL see a huge change. Check out @sunnybiggy on Instagram for daily inspiration and tips and on Facebook at Sunny Biggy Fitness

Keep on grinding. Zero to Hero! xx  -  Sunny