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What a superb evening, I couldn't have done it without all of you. The love and continue support for (A Boy And His Dream Foundation) is truly overwhelming! 



To our great volunteers: 

Afra Lucas-Preszler Javier Gutierrez Nueman Savage, Salisia Webber Ginny Dickman-Lopez Colin PreszlerTarra Motton Model


Alex Callejo
Rico Howard and His crew
DJ Uzo Udu

MC: Javier Gutierrez

Organizers:Graco Funes Ashley Donat Nathan Wilks Diana Bridges Nick Memeti

Graphic Designer: Nicolas Llanos iLoan Home Mortgage crew

Set up: Sunny Akomu Akhigbe Diana Bridges Le'aire Xciv Javier Ramirez Jennifer Hole at Cuvee

Food: Janice Goldman Picker

Transportation: Javier

Thank you!!! 

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Why wait for Valentine's Day?

Why do we wait until Valentine's Day to prove we love someone?

Shouldn't we be showing our affection on a consistent basis. Why are we waiting until once a year? Why is our love not shown each day... each hour... each moment? 

So what can we do to change the 364 days we don't feel the social pressure to prove our affection? 

What can you try today?

1. Try to think of others before yourself.

2. Love unconditionally, without expectation.

3. Give your best to see others better.