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Why wait for Valentine's Day?

Why do we wait until Valentine's Day to prove we love someone?

Shouldn't we be showing our affection on a consistent basis. Why are we waiting until once a year? Why is our love not shown each day... each hour... each moment? 

So what can we do to change the 364 days we don't feel the social pressure to prove our affection? 

What can you try today?

1. Try to think of others before yourself.

2. Love unconditionally, without expectation.

3. Give your best to see others better.


Building yourself through adversity.

Today I have the opportunity to speak to 300 Senior students. If I can teach them one thing it's that adversity isn't meant to end them. It's meant to take you to the next level. God has awakened in me this passion to share. The struggles that lead me to the level I am at today are just mine, you have your own. I believe the same can be true for you. Use each day as it were your last. Keep building and investing in yourself. This is only the first level, there is so much more. 

Sunny Biggy