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In today’s society, leaders are discovering the impact of pushing themselves and their teams harder than ever: health and well-being suffer. As a leader, you need to learn how to ensure both high performance as well as sustainable well-being for yourself and your people.

The Challenge of Change method is an approach to building individual and organizational resilience for the long term.  There have been many studies conducted and Work without Stress: Building a resilient mindset for lasting success, you’ll discover that while pressure is inevitable, stress is something we create. With stress, we can learn to let it go.

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you will understand the following:

-Understand the difference between pressure and stress in your own life.

-Learn how stress is created and how resilient people avoid it.

-Explore the results of your personal resilience profile, outlining your approach to dealing with pressure.



Your Potential
Manager / Advisor : Diana Bridges  - Photo credit : Christina Noel

Manager / Advisor : Diana Bridges  - Photo credit : Christina Noel

There is no specific way to establish your potential. Everything that works is trail and error. You only need to begin.

 The key component is to be willing to try EVERYTHING. Keep producing relentlessly. Reason being, one single product may not take you to where you need to be. Be willing to try something new. What takes you to the top could be a surprise to even you! Go for it! / A Boy and His Dream

- Keep on Grinding